Institute PhOOLIOS
RC "Vavilov SOI"
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Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Research Institute of Physical Optics, Optics of Lasers and Informational Optical Systems” of Research Center “S.I. Vavilov State Optical Institute” (FSUE “RI PhOOLIOS” of RC “S.I. Vavilov SOI”) is one of the leading Russian laser centers developing advanced laser systems for various purposes.

Activities directions:

– Informational laser systems, flight and navigation systems, lidar complexes, location and ranging, including eye-safe ranging;

– Nanophotonics;

– Atmosphere and ocean optical sensing, observation optical devices for various purposes; devices and systems for monitoring and control of earth and water surfaces, objects in the atmosphere and outer space;

– Aerospace optical and optoelectronic devices and systems, including the ones using methods and elements of adaptive optics;

– Optoelectronic means of studying the hydrosphere properties and informational-optical technologies of lighting above-water and underwater environment.

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